Oral-Conscious Sedation

Stay Calm & Relaxed for Your
Next Dental Procedure

Dr. James Peterson offers oral-conscious sedation to help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during dental visits. A twilight sedation medication can be prescribed and taken prior to your dental appointment so you can be fully relaxed but still able to follow instructions.

Best Candidates for
Oral-Concious Sedation

If you experience anxiety or fear that keeps you from visiting the dentist as often as you should or prevents you from getting needed treatment, oral-conscious sedation can help. Before you are prescribed any medication for oral-conscious sedation, Dr. Peterson will complete a detailed consultation to decide if you are a good candidate for sedation. He will evaluate your medical history, current medications, and other factors to ensure oral-conscious sedation is suitable for you and also to see which type would be best. Sedation may not be ideal if you are dealing with heart or respiratory issues, are pregnant, or have had a reaction to benzodiazepines in the past.

What To Expect

There are a number of oral-conscious sedation medications that Dr. Peterson can use based on you, your stress level, your physical health, what procedure is being performed, and the approximate length of your appointment. Dr. Peterson will prescribe your sedation medication during your consultation so you can have it filled prior to your procedure. You will take the medication before arriving at our facility, so you should arrange for a responsible adult drive you to and from your appointment. With light oral-conscious sedation, you will stay relaxed but still be aware and conscious. With heavier sedation, you will also stay conscious. However, you could drift into a light sleep, but it’ll be easy to wake you up.

Recovery & After Care

In most cases, you will need someone to take you home and stay with you for around three hours after your procedure. Dr. Peterson will talk to you at your consultation about the possible side effects from the medication prescribed for you. We invite you to call our office if you have any lingering side effects or if you have concerns after your procedure.

Oral-Conscious Sedation

Oral-conscious will help you remain at ease during a routine dental exam and cleaning or during a longer procedure. Schedule an appointment with Coppell, TX dentist Dr. Peterson for more information about your sedation options.

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