Root Canal Therapy

Saving Teeth in Coppell, TX

If detected early on, tooth decay can be treated with a dental filling or a similar procedure to clean the enamel and seal the area. However, if the decay spreads past the enamel and infects the inner tissue of the tooth, you will likely need a root canal.

During root canal therapy Dr. Peterson removes the damaged pulp from the tooth, sanitizes the cavity, and then uses a filling material to seal the tooth. A root canal procedure not only treats the infected tooth, but it also prevents the decay from moving to other teeth and creating a larger issue.

Best Candidates for
Root Canal Therapy

An infection deep inside a tooth may be caused by a cavity, a deep crack, or physical trauma. The most obvious signs that you could have an infection are tooth or jaw pain, swelling or discoloration of the gums around the tooth, and changes in the color of the tooth. If the infection is not addressed, it will spread and cause you more pain. Contact James Peterson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry right away if you feel or notice something abnormal in your mouth. If you have anxiety and fear about visiting the dentist, please ask us about sedation options to keep you calm and comfortable during your dental appointments.

What To Expect

During root canal therapy, Dr. Peterson assesses the inner chamber of your tooth and extracts the decayed tissue. Afterwards, the inside of the empty chamber is carefully sterilized to remove any leftover decay. To finalize the therapy, Dr. Peterson fills the tooth with a special material to seal and protect it. Once the procedure is done, your tooth will be fully restored, and you will feel immediately more comfortable because the infection that was causing you so much pain will be gone.

Recovery & After Care

We recommend that you set up a follow-up appointment six months after your root canal. Dr. Peterson will check to make sure the infection has been eradicated and that your mouth has healed properly. After that, you should continue to schedule annual dental exams and cleanings every six months to maintain your dental health.

Root Canal Therapy

Thanks to advancements in the dental industry, root canal therapy is can faster and easier than ever. Contact our staff in Coppell, TX to set up a consultation with Dr. Peterson for more information on root canal therapy and other ways to improve your dental health.

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